On 17th of April 1936, an unknown, beguiling man ignominiously stole a diamond brooch worth twenty thousand Hungarian pengoes from the jewellery store of Emil Neubauer on Váci Street in broad daylight. Police investigations made it clear that the crime is clearly connected with other post office and jewellery robberies which had stirred up the emotions of citizens in the capital in the past years. According to the evidence found in the robbed store and given by witnesses, the main suspect is Mr. BajnóczyPongrác, the lawless international adventurer who had managed to escape justice just in time. Thanks to investigation efforts and new evidence given by a witness who has turned up recently, a big improvement has been made in the last few weeks: the detectives have tracked down B.P., who, however, has repeatedly eluded them.

The police hereby asks for effective help from the people of the city in catching B.P., who was last seen on Fő Street, in the neighbourhood of Király Bath. At the same time, the police commissioner draws the attention of every person to approach the dangerous criminal only with proper caution and quick wits.

Are you ready to investigate?