ImagineBudapest – www.imaginebp.hu

Our team, ImagineBudapest, has been organising and conducting thematic sightseeing tours for five years. This summer, we are adding a new mystery to the ones already revealed: we will sneak Mr. Bajnóczy Pongrác, a well-known swindler, and the detectives on his track into Király Bath on Fő Street. We would like all players to enjoy every minute of this experience-oriented, puzzle-solving mind game as much as we enjoyed preparing it. Hopefully, there will be many of you who can outsmart this criminal mastermind, and – at the same time – us. With this game, we once more hope to prove that Budapest is (one of) the most exciting places on Earth!

Noppa Design Stúdió – www.noppa-design.com

Noppa was set up three years ago with the aim of making the world a better and more exciting place by exploring and extending the boundaries of the 3D and 2D universe. The combination of architectural and graphic design, two elements of the studio’s main profile, has produced PimpMyWall, one of Noppa’s flagship brands. We plunged into creating Prisoners of Budapest with this complex approach, undertaking the rewarding task of reviving a bygone era and setting it into our modern world. Our hope is that the illusion is perfect, and that our players will be enchanted for an hour by the thrill of the game.