This summer, the team of ImagineBudapest and Noppa Design invites volunteering amateur detectives to one of the iconic buildings of Budapest, the Turkish Király Bath. A captivating logic game awaits those who would like to be transported from the here and now for an hour. At first glance, the story of the game may seem obvious but be prepared for any unexpected turn. Contrary to what they might have believed, players are now trapped in Budapest. The only way to outsmart the (in)famous swindler and escape is to think and work together with razor-sharp logic.
The setting for this “epoch-making” game is a romantic location which is true to Budapest in every aspect: Király Bath on Fő Street. The pool area of the Bath is not part of the game, thus casual, everyday clothing is recommended. The beginning of the 20th century comes to life at this stimulating place which summons the unforgettable era of the 1930s. Gameplay takes place in what could be called an interactive museum, where players are surrounded by authentic objects and must solve era-appropriate tasks. While racking their brains, they can learn and experience a plethora of facts about Budapest in the 1930s.This extraordinary urban adventure is available for anyone older than 14 with a will to try themselves – either in ones, twos or as team.
“Prisoners of Budapest” is the only logic-based team game available for as much as 20 people at a time – more players only means more inspiration. No matter if the members of a group know each other well or have just met: they all have to work together to achieve their – now – common goal.

The game fits smoothly into other programmes: it might be part of a day with the family, prelude to a bachelor party, warm-up before hitting the night, first round of a team building event or even lead-in to a date. Topics for the conversation afterwards are guaranteed, as the tasks which were solved or remained unsolved, the difficult logical derivations, and the assessment of individual and team performance will keep the discussion going for quite a while.