By browsing and using the website budapestfoglyai.hu, you are deemed to have read and accepted the contractual conditions and privacy policy governing the use of the service, and to have agreed to them in full.

The following contract exists between BP Foglyai Bt. (hereinafter “Seller”) and the visitor applying for the services (hereinafter “Customer”) upon finalizing the application.

Service provider data:

  • Company name: BP Foglyai Bt.
  • Registered office: 1124 Budapest, Kiss János altábornagy utca 55.
  • Tax ID number: 25082630-1-43
  • Language of contract: English
  • Contact: info@budapestfoglyai.hu
  • Phone: +36-20-373-89-98

What the service entails:

On the website, Customer can apply for a logic game. The game takes place in a designated section of Király Bath in Fő utca at pre-arranged times. Players can participate after registering for the game.

All prices are in HUF and include VAT.


Registration takes place on the website, under the menu Apply for the Game. After registration, Customer will be sent a confirmation email to the email address provided, containing registration data, date and time of the game and information regarding the game.

By completing the registration, the Customer is obliged to appear at the game and pay the participation fee. Also, by registering the Customer accepts that in case of cancellation, 50% of the participation fee has to be paid to the Seller. If the registration is cancelled 72 hours before the game, the Customer will not be required to pay the participation fee.

How to register on the website:

  • Click the menu Apply for the Game.
  • Choose and click a suitable date from the calendar.
  • In the pop-up window, choose a suitable time, then provide your personal information.
  • To confirm your registration, click Apply.

If the confirmation letter does not appear in your mailbox within 24 hours following registration, please contact us at info@budapestfoglyai.hu.

Participation fees:

Price of the game

  • with 8-10 participants: 32,000 HUF/group
  • with 11-15 participants: 38,000 HUF/group
  • with 16-20 participants: 45,000 HUF/group
  • with 21-25 participants: 52,000 HUF/group
  • with 26-30 participants: 62,000 HUF/group

All prices are in HUF and include VAT.

The participation fee is required to be paid in cash on the site before the game, or by bank transfer before or after the game.

Conditions for participation:

All players assume full responsibility for their participation. Children under 14 can only participate under parental supervision.

The game is available for a minimum of 8 and a maximum of 20 participants at a time.

Smoking or the use of open fires are strictly prohibited everywhere in the gameplay area.

Players are strictly forbidden to enter the area with objects that may pose a risk to the health of others or themselves.

It is strictly prohibited to engage in the game under the influence of alcohol.

Before starting the game, all players are required to make a written statement of accepting the game conditions. Without such statement players are not allowed to participate.

Waiving participation:

Following the registration, the Customer can cancel the registration up until 72 hours before the game without being obliged to pay the participation fee. By sending the registration, the Customer accepts paying 50% of the participation fee in case of cancellation of the game 72 hours or later before the start of the event.

If the game is cancelled due to some fault on Seller’s part, Customer is eligible for a full refund of any sum paid in advance (either the deposit or the game fee), completed by Seller within 15 days of receiving the claim.

Handling information:

Under no circumstances will Seller disclose any of Customer’s personal information provided throughout registration to third parties, or use this information for other purposes unless authorized to do so.

Further provisions:

Customer can be required to compensate Seller for any intentional damage done to the gameplay area or other financial damages.

Seller cannot be held responsible for stolen, lost or damaged goods in the gameplay area.

If service cannot be provided due to vis major cases (flooding, earthquake, other natural disasters etc.), Seller assumes no responsibility, but will announce new gameplay dates which players are required to reapply for.

Issues not covered by this document are governed by the relevant provisions of the Hungarian Civil Code.


Budapest, 2016. 04. 09.


the team of budapestfoglyai.hu

(represented by: Márton Káldi)