Organising team building events for your colleagues always puts you in a difficult position. The wide range of opportunities is bound to dazzle you: should you opt for something indoor or outdoor, relaxing or active, extreme or maybe more conventional ?So, what is it really that makes a good team building activity? It should offer excitement and relaxation at the same time, while it should also, almost unnoticeably, prompt cooperation and a sense of community among participants. It should be fun for both bosses and their employees, but it must not go on endlessly, and its costs must be reasonable.

Debuting this summer, our logic game called “Prisoners of Budapest – Escape from Király Bath” does all this and more. Developmental and relaxing at the same time, the game will appeal to both enterprising male and more detail-minded female participants, while it is guaranteed to forge a stronger community.

From now on, groups of up to 30 will have the chance to engage in an unmatched game experience at Király Bath, located in a unique spot but still in the heart of Budapest. The challenge is given: free yourselves from the locked part of the building in 60 minutes! But for this end, all participants must closely co-operate, giving the best of their knowledge to solve skill-based, logical and creative tasks.The one-hour gameplay will seemingly transfer team members out of real time: completing each task successfully, and then the final escape will give them genuine joy, similar to the pleasure of a job well done, which is never individual but shared among all the players as members of a team.

The game can be customised to different group sizes, making it available for teams of 10 even 30. Moreover, convenient location makes the game easily adaptable to other programme points: a sightseeing walk or cruise, some hearty downtown wining&dining, or any other spare-time activity.Please contact us if you have any further questions about specific game dates or team prices.